Healthier, Faster Adult Stem Cells


Healthier, Faster Adult Stem Cells

Consistent MSCs
to Accelerate your Research


Extem Isolation


We collect and purify
mesenchymal stem cells from adult bone marrow. Our donors are free from HIV-1, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other infectious diseases.

Extem mesenchymal expansion


Our method for MSC expansion generates large volumes of cells at an early passage. Cells are continuously monitored to ensure the highest quality cells upon arrival at your lab.


We provide 1 or 5 million viable MSCs per vial at Passage 2. Cells are tested for CD markers, viability, and differentiation capacity, and free from microbial and yeast contamination.


Why Extem

Why Extem

Why Extem?

Extem Efficiency

A more efficient system

Increase productivity and cut operating costs by using ready-to-use MSCs. Extem cells multiply 10-fold in under 7 days without the need to change medium.

Extem Donor Selection

A wider selection

Choose donors most relevant to your study. Select and reserve up to a hundred vials from one donor or across ten donors to standardize your assays.

A consistent baseline

Run your experiments with repeatable growth metrics. Extem cells retain a consistent population doubling time across passages and different lots.