Features Overview

Extem Bioscience has been developing advanced technologies for the use of regenerative medicines and is expanding our offerings. We have identified 3 key areas that will undergo drastic shifts over the next 10 years and are in need of a multidisciplinary evidence based approach. By collaborating and co-developing with leading institutions within North America we see a brighter, healthier and trans formative future.


Health Care

Countries the world over have growing concerns in managing their health care costs. Specific injuries such as diabetic foot ulcer and bedsores for our aging population are not only debilitating, but consume large amounts of resources that could be spent elsewhere to increase quality of life.


Sports Medicine

Whether you are a high performance athlete or a recreational adventurer, overuse can have various deleterious effects on our bodies. Our bodies hold the key to accelerate our recovery rates and get us back to doing what we love. 


Animal Welfare is a growing concern throughout the world. Food scarcity and resource optimization affects us all. The overuse of antibiotics is becoming problematic and a better solution is right around the corner.