Tissue Engineering

Extem MSCs can easily be differentiated to bone, cartilage, and fat cells using common lab reagents. No need to purchase overpriced supplements or specialized differentiation medium. Simply follow our protocols to prepare your own: Osteogenic, Chondrogenic, or Adipogenic Medium.







MSCs have potent immunomodulatory effects. They are capable of limiting immune cell growth and producing anti-inflammatory cytokines. Extem MSCs are tested in vitro for the ability to produce immunosuppressive cytokines and enzymes. With our diverse donor demographics, you can use MSC lines most suited for your needs.



Extem MSCs are compatible for the 3D fabrication of human in vitro tissue for use in drug screening. Our cells remain undifferentiated during the printing process, making it easier to create both scaffold and scaffold-free constructs.  During culture, the printed cells can be driven into the formation of musculoskeletal tissue, including bone and cartilage. 

We are developing high capacity stem cell cartridges for large-scale bioprinting of human tissue.